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Construction Products

Custom Pre-Cast Products

Miller & Miller Inc. is equipped to design and construct a wide range of reinforced concrete precast products.  Miller & Miller utilizes its ability to precast reinforced concrete structures to help expedite construction projects, but can also use this experience to meet your specific needs.

Interlocking Barrier Wall

Portable Jersey Barriers

Miller & Miller Inc. has ALDOT Approved Portable Type 6 Barrier Rails available for rent and purchase.  We offer two styles of barrier rails, Pinned Connection (10 Feet in Length) and J-J Hook Connection (12 Feet in Length).  The pinned and J-J connection styles are also available in a bolt down version for added security and strength.  Delivery and installation options are available with rail rental and purchase.

Portable Jersey Barrier Rails

Parking Curbs (Bumper Blocks)

Miller & Miller Inc. has manufactured and installed concrete bumper blocks for over 50 Years and continues this service across North Alabama to this date.  We offer 6 Feet and 8 Feet reinforced concrete bumper blocks.  Bumper blocks are available for purchase with pick-up and delivery options as well as installation.

8 Ft Bumper Block Image